Inspection Photo Galleries

  • Bolingbrook Home Inspection Photos

    Bolingbrook home inspector has provided images taken during home inspections in Bolingbrook and surrounding areas. Many of the defects are commonly found during home inspections in Bolingbrook.

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  • Lemont Home Inspection Photos

    Lemont home inspector discusses issues identified in Lemont home inspection photos. All home inspections in Lemont will have an electronic report with photos.

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  • Oswego Home Inspection Photos

    Oswego home inspection photos are posted by your Oswego home inspector. These are actual images taken at home inspections in Oswego and are illustrative of the types of issues identified at home inspections.

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  • Plainfield Home Inspection Photos

    Plainfield home inspector shares some of the images of defects and issues at home inspections in Plainfield, Illinois. Plainfield home inspection reports will have similar images with a narrative explanation of the defect.

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  • Romeoville Home Inspection Photos

    Home inspection defects cataloged by a Romeoville home inspector. Each home inspection image was taken during a home inspection in Romeoville and has a description of the defect, why it is a defect and what can be done to correct the issue.

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