Plainfield Home Inspection Services

Benefits of My Plainfield Home Inspection Services

You have the ability to choose from several home inspectors in Plainfield; you may have a referral from your realtor, from a friend or family member, or you did an internet search and found several Plainfield home inspectors. It is clear that all these home inspectors bring their experience and expertise to the Plainfield home inspection process and will do a good job; otherwise they would not have been referred to you. In fact, Illinois regulates all Plainfield home inspectors and requires them to inspect certain components and systems and report their findings to you. But, I offer something the other home inspectors do not, ADDED VALUE. Every home inspection in Plainfield includes a FREE 90 Day Warranty, FREE Reinspections, FREE One Year Membership in the Home Owners Network and My Guarantee. The value of these enhancements is over $500, the Home Owners network membership is a $199.00 value alone, all designed to save you money and bring you more than a home inspection.
The 90 Day Warranty will cover items that have been inspected and reported as not having a defect at the time of the Plainfield home inspection. If a problem occurs with an item not working, contact me and the warranty company and we will have it repaired or replaced. Limitations do apply.
FREE Reinspections saves you money, and you get them for 1 year. Many times there are conditions that prevent the home inspector from inspecting an item or system. For example, there are shelves covering the electric panel and the panel cover cannot be removed. Other Plainfield home inspectors will come back and inspect the panel after the shelves have been removed; the only difference is THEY WILL CHARGE YOU AGAIN. My view is that you already paid me to inspect the electric panel in the initial home inspection fee, why should I charge you again? The other inspectors will call it a trip charge or tell you that it is "not their fault the panel was inaccessible". You will not hear that from me.
The Home Owners Network is tech support for your home. Have a question about an item in your home? Need repair information? Want a contractor referral? You can even send in photos, all this can be done from the website or the free app. The membership is FREE for the first year. After the first year you can continue the service for a fee of $199.00 a year or cancel it, with no obligation, your billing information is not shared with the network, only you can provide that information.
My Guarantee is simple. If you are not happy with the home inspection in Plainfield, stop me before the inspection is completed and I will refund your money on the spot. I do have to be informed of your dissatisfaction before I leave the property; a report will not be generated and images will not be provided to you.

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